A collaborator

A stylist is someone who helps your projects sing. You’ve done the heavy lifting but the stylist brings a fresh eye. They are your partners-in-crime so you can relax and enjoy the space you have created while they fluff, primp, steam and most importantly, zhuzh.

An extension of your business

Like a CPA or business manager, a stylist brings your work to another level. Investing in your visual assets is a really good move.

How it works

I suggest starting with a phone call. Review the project, logistics and timeline of when you’d like to shoot with the stylist. Things to think about: Discuss travel. Can the crew stay at the job site? If not, where? Is an assistant needed? How many, if any, days of prep are needed? Do you have a floral & prop budget? Afterwards, ask for the stylist to send over an estimate including day rate, props and travel expenses. Lock down the shoot dates with everyone. Draft a shot list. Have a conference call. Keep this brief. Review the shot list and ask if there are any questions. Most shoots start at 9am. It’s nice to send out a “call sheet” with everyone’s cell, the shoot address and the shot list on it. (Consider that your #protip). Talk in advance about any food issues and who will handle lunch. It sounds silly but at 2pm when “hangry” sets in, you’ll be wishing you had. Afterwards, the stylist and photographer will pack up and move any furniture back. High five! Your shoot is over.